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Cool and popular men hairstyles trends for spring 2010

Men Haircuts Pictures 2010 presents Cool and popular men hairstyles trends for spring 2010

If you want to change your
haircut best thing is to look at the stars style haircut. Sure as the stars appear everywhere, but important is to see the latest haircuts appeared to inspire, because celebrities are spearhead about fashion trends.Here are some cool and popular men haircuts and hairstyles trends for you to try in 2010, check the photos:

Cool and popular men hairstyles trends for spring 2010
Cool and popular men hairstyles trends for spring 2010

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Exclusive Interview With François Nars

francois nars

Contributed by Daily Makeover's Amber Katz:

I don't have to tell the makeup obsessed gals that you are about what a legend François Nars is. For beauty junkies, his technicolor makeup products are the cosmetic equivalent of baseball cards. I recently had the chance to sit down with this superhuman talent and pick his brain about everything from how he keeps track of his inspired product names to his favorite makeup item of all time.

Daily Makeover: What is your all-time favorite beauty look you've ever created?

François Nars: My first favorite look is one that I brought back: False lashes. Twenty years ago, when I worked a lot with Steven Meisel, I brought back a very 1950s and 1960s eye liner effect. That was a time when you wouldn't see many false eyelashes. Mascara, yes--lashes, no. Another favorite: The ones I created for the Marc Jacobs fashion show in February 2009--a myriad of night clubbing visages. That was a great show and it was so much fun to create the makeup concepts for it.

DM: What the trick to creating a bold lip look?

FN: I stay away from rules. Rules get boring. You know? Too cliché. You can do a smokey eye and a red lip. It reminds me of the Helmut Newton photos from late 1970s early 1980s. There was no blush, just a deep-hued eye and strong lip. Helmut didn't like blush. The application is all about the way you adapt it. Some women look better with a pale lip, so it's more about what the woman individually can get away with. Get creative. Makeup is a way of expressing yourself. Try something else in front of the mirror. Simple as that. It's my goal to give women more freedom.

DM: What is your favorite eye shadow for creating a smokey eye effect?

FN: I like the dustiness of the NARS Cosmetics Brume Eye Shadow Duo. It almost looks bad in the pan, but on, it looks foggish and fantastic. It makes the eye pop, particularly if you have light eyes. Strong, obvious colors don't necessarily do that.

DM: What's the story with your Schiap lipstick and nail polish shade? Why do you think it's so iconic for your brand?

FN: It's named after Elsa Schiaparelli, the designer who's also the grandmother of Marisa Berenson. She invented the shocking pink in the 30s, which propelled her to fame. "Schiap" was her nickname. We worked hard to make it as close as possible. It's a bright bright bright pink--not Barbie pink, nor Pepto Bismol pink.

DM: What is your go-to red?

FN: NARS Cosmetics Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red is my favorite. Even if it stops selling, it should remain. That name is so iconic because of the movie The Woman. NARS is the only one with that name. Jungle Red Lipstick launched with the original 12 NARS lipstick shades at Barneys, which were the original pieces of the line. It is a signature NARS red--stocked with rich, intense pigment and a semi-matte finish, it is a classic, perfect crimson.

DM: What is your single most-used makeup item?

FN: NARS Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey. This beigey-nude shade has been used in countless shoots, shows and ads. This shade also launched with the original 12 shades at Barneys. It is a perfect warm nude because it has just the right amount of yellow and pink. The combination of shades along with its sheer finish makes it ideal for all skin tones.

As one the web's largest beauty sites, constantly receives products from beauty companies for editorial review. Please read our Editorial Ethics Pledge if you'd like to know how we select products to feature.

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Return of the Bowl Haircut

A Peek Inside the Purple Lab Creatrix & Carry On

Karen Robinovitz

They don't come any chicer than our friend Karen Robinovitz, Creatrix of Purple Lab NYC cosmetics. We know Karen has been jetting to Florida and back a lot these days with her brand launch on HSN last month. Here's what she travels with:

I have an asymmetrical Alexander Wang silvery crushed velvet pseudo cardigan with a cowl drapy back that can be used as a hood so it's perfect for sleeping on a plane - the hood doubles as an eye mask because it hangs so low. It's comfy, cozy, and so chic all at once and it folds up into nothing. (That's Karen wearing it above.)

My carry on is a 25 year old Louis Vuitton oversized shopper my parents bought on a Paris vacation. Ten years ago, I found it in their garage, collecting dust. My mom didn't like carrying it because it was too heavy for the shoulder and they wanted carry-ons with wheels. I happily inherited it and gave it a happy home where it is more appreciated. It's so dark and worn, I love it. So much better than one that's brand spanking new. And it carries the memory of my family's first trip to France.
Vintage Louis Vuitton

My must have beauty product are all Purple Lab makeup, of course! Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Worship Kate (mauve shimmer), Kitty Poledancer (pale pink) and Red Sole (shear red), Luvah in Mama's Boy which is the perfect nude, Silk Sheets luxe foundation, Lashionista Modelista in "After Dark" which is black with diamond dust (the liquid liner is amazing as a liner but if you lay it on thick and smudge it, it turns into steel gray shadow that rocks), Luxury Squared under eye concealer and highlighter, and Cheek Implants cream blush with collage in the shade Backstage Pass.
Purple Lab

Hair-wise, I use all of Devachan's products for curls - their "No Poo" shampoo, their Deva One conditioner, Mirror Curl to bring on shine, and Arc Angel gel. I have been going there for 13 years and their products are my savior. Travel size, of course.

My SPF is Kate Somerville and hand cream is Bliss.
Bliss Hand Cream

I travel with every celebrity weekly (I cannot lie - it's my guilty pleasure), Juxtapose (an art magazine that taps into street culture), Fast Company (my dream is to have Purple Lab featured), French Vogue for the imagery (I cannot speak a lick of the language, sadly), Dwell, and if the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy was out, I'd be reading that as well as Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods vampire series (nothing like upper crust vampires in high fashion to escape with). I'll probably have a Malcolm Gladwell book as well - he is my literary hero.

For snacks, I bring Tazo Passion flavor tea and let it seep in a large bottle of water with Stevia - so much more flavorful than plain water. Dried mango and almonds as well.

When it comes to tunes, for the plane, I crave mellow - Sia, Massive Attack, Portishead, Air, Zero Seven. When I'm away, I like to turn it up - I have a great mix that a DJ friend made with a ton of amazing imported songs by artists I have never heard of. Very fashion runway.

What else? If it's a long flight, a travel sized Tempurpedic pillow, really yummy fleece socks, Chrome Hearts sunglasses (below) for getting off the plane in daylight (I'm obsessed with them and the subtle silver details on the arms), six inch heels if I have to go right from the airport to a meeting so I can turn on some chic to whatever I'm wearing.

The Return of the Bowl Haircut: Oh Boy!

bowl haircut
Contributed by Daily Makeover's Megan McIntyre:

The bowl cut, which has been a popular hairstyle in decades past, seems to be enjoying a comeback of sorts as a bevy of hip, young celebs have been seen sporting the look around town. One glance at this retro round bob probably has you wondering what could possibly prompt chic young ladies like Agyness Deyn, Estelle, Parker Posey and Christina Ricci to don a short hairstyle that gives off such a distinct whiff of 70's cheese.

We definitely never thought we'd be seeing a good chunk of Hollywood embrace the rounded bangs, but we're even more shocked to say that we kind of like the look. It's got a slightly sexy, a little bit brooding, definitely retro vibe that keeps our eyes entranced. Part of this reason, at least according to celebrity hairstylist Sam Brocato, is that the cut practically begs you to stare at its wearer's face. "Because of the shape of the cut, you just can't help looking into someone's eyes. It has a mystique that draws you in--it's very 20's and vampy. It's also a way of adding some edginess to your look without doing hard, strong lines," he says.

Want to try the look at home? If you don't have bangs, Brocato suggests purchasing a pair of clip-on bang extensions as they are a major portion of the hairstyle. The key to this look is in the layering and the roundness, so start off by taking the very top layer of hair and use a large round brush to roll the edges over, section by section. Brocato says you can also use an extra-large curling iron in the same fashion to create a stronger curve. After you curl it, run some styling cream through your hair, then blast it quickly with a blowdryer to soften the curl and create that big, super-round style.

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Eco-Friendly Bags and Wallets

plastic bottle bag
We were first attracted to the looks of the Matt and Nat bags--then liked them even more once we learned the vegan bags feature linings made of recycled bottles. The lining of each bag is stamped to let you know exactly how many bottles were used, for example, 16 recycled bottles were used for the above bag.

candy wrapper bag
If candy wrappers are more your thing, consider the Nahu Ollin line of bags that are made of recycled wrappers by small communities in Mexico.
seat belt bag

Or check ot this Harvey Treecycle Wallet, made of recycled seatbelts.

Acqua di Gio and the UNICEF Tap ProjectProject

hot guy
Want to do something to help raise awareness around the world to improve safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, without even opening your wallet? For every fan Acqua di Gio gets on Facebook during the month of March, the company will donate $1 to the UNICEF Tap Project.

Additionally, during World Water Week (March 21st - March 27th), Acqua di Gio will donate $1 to the UNICEF Tap Project with each fragrance sold in the US. Bonus: Customers who purchase a large bottle of Acqua di Gio will receive a bpa-free water bottle as a token of appreciation. Hot male model not included.

Women's Leather Jackets for Spring

As much as we wish long for warm weather, it's not quite here yet. Even Miami and L.A. have had chilly springs. So what's a fashionista to do on a girls' getaway when she wants to look hot -- and not freeze? Reach for one of these women's leather jackets. The lighter weight, softer colors and cropped styles keep these spring leather jackets fresh and stylish.

Clockwise from top left:
Items in this set:
Line Kniwear, Ellen Jacket, Piperlime, $650
Leather Cowl Neck Jacket | Vince, $995
Juicy Couture Bracelet Sleeve Moto Leather Jacket - Elephant, $700 (Note: get 20 percent off this jacket when you order via phone at 212-796-3360 and mention PEOPLE20. Thanks!)
BB Dakota Jessie Cadet Leather Jacket - Storm, $240
Soft Leather Jacket By Unique, $310

On Our Radar: Vegas Pools

wet Republic

Well at least one place in the country is getting good weather these days--many pools in Vegas have opened, 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Until the much-anticipated Liquid, the adult-only pool lounge and restaurant at Aria and the new Encore Beach Club at the Encore open later this summer, we suggest cooling your heels at the Wet Republic at MGM Grand, which opens today. It features eight pools, DJ's, an underwater sound system, and cabanas with flat screen TV's.

Read more about the new opening to the Vegas Pool Scene and our past favorites. And find out why Vegas is the place to be for the rest of March.

Sandra Bullock at the Oscars: Get the Look

Sandra Bullock at the Oscars

Best Actress Sandra Bullock was styled by Abergel for Fekkai who wanted to bring back simplicity, with Sandra’s sleek and straight down-do. The strong side part created beautiful lines to compliment her dress. He modernized the texture of the hair by creating a sleek look, with a slight wave at the end.

Conditioned hair is very important for any sleek style. Abergel used Fekkai Advanced Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner, leaving the conditioner on for 15 minutes. He then rinsed and towel dried the hair. Then he parted the hair in a deep side part. Adir recommends following the arch of your brow to choose where to part your hair. He then took a large Fekkai Round Brush and blow-dried the hair completely straight, making sure the roots were flat. Then spray with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray to 2” sections of hair from roots to the end and use a flat iron to get a bone straight effect. To finish the look, Abergel took a 1 1/4” inch curling iron and lightly curled the ends of the hair for a nice slight wave and tucked the bangs behind the ear. To complete the look he added the Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum to create a sleek finish.

britney spear hair

here are the transformation of britney spear hair. which one do you like. for your information, she had shaved bald the hair when she was broken with justin

Welcome To Hair model

Welcome to this site provides you for all hair model include man and woman hairstyle. We will Give you all the collection hair style from actress and actor all over the world
Thank you

Christian Bale hair

Christian hair looks better with the mid-length style.Do you like The hair style of the dark night guys

Jessica Alba Hair Model

Here are the hair model transformation of international hollywood actress Jessica Alba

she looks pretty with short hair,but in ordinary she has long hair.
her hair look always beautiful couse she always get hair treatment

Tamara Geraldine Hair Model

Tamara Geraldine Hair Model
Do you believe that she was wearing a wig for the hair of tamara, yes it was, but i don't know why she was wearing that one. can you describe...

Sherina Munaf Hairstyle

Sherina Munaf hair Rambut.Do you Know actress sherina Munaf, yes now she has cut the hair shorten then before, she is Indonesian singer, she was child singer but she now grew up and become famous indonesian singer , take a look of the new hair of sherina, I like your new hair girl, love you

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Emo Hair Images With Cute Hair Styles Images Typically Cute Emo Hair Cuts Styles Galleries

Emo Hair Images With Cute Hair Styles Images Typically Cute Emo Hair Cuts Styles Galleries 1

Emo Hair Images With Cute Hair Styles Images Typically Cute Emo Hair Cuts Styles Galleries 2

Emo Hair Images With Cute Hair Styles Images Typically Cute Emo Hair Cuts Styles Galleries 3

Emo Hair Images With Cute Hair Styles Images Typically Cute Emo Hair Cuts Styles Galleries 4

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Miracle Hair Oil of the Elite Beauties! A Rare, Ancient Beauty Secret Can Now Be Yours

Discover the ancient hair growing secrets of the women who have the longest, most beautiful hair in the world, even in scalding 110 degree heat and blasting 90 % humidity!

Now you too can use their secrets to grow longer, silkier, thicker and more manageable hair.

Plus: These secrets will also stop dandruff dead in its tracks, banish psoriases, eliminate any itching of your scalp, put a dead stop to premature graying hair and stop hair loss! And it even goes a step further, giving you soft, manageable, gorgeous hair allowing you to instantly eliminate knots, split ends and annoying flyaways without having to spend hours trying to fix your hair!