Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Short Hairstyles Approach to Beauty 2011

When you have had long hair all your life, cutting it short can be a frightening prospect. You should definitely give the idea some thought though; short hairstyles are fun and cute, and with the right touch, they can be the sexiest look you’ve ever had. Plenty of celebrities have recently decided to go with a short cut, and the public is absolutely loving it. Meg Ryan has long shown that short hair can look gorgeous, and you can look the same way.

Your face’s overall shape goes a long way in determining whether you should go with short hairstyles or long ones. Take a few minutes right now and look in the mirror. Is your face more oval, heart shaped, or is it long and thin? If you have more of an oval shape, then a shorter haircut will look fantastic on you. The hair tends to puff or curl outwards with short hair, framing the face and bringing out all the delicate features that other times would go overlooked.

A bob style is an excellent representative of short hairstyles, because it looks fabulously cute and also has the effect of slimming down the face, letting you look infinitely more attractive. Bobs can be layered, and the edges can be feathered out for a fully styled impression with very little work. The right hair cut should accentuate your features, including your facial structure and the shape of your eyes. A bob will bring the viewers attention up to your face the same way a picture frame brings out a painting.

When it comes to styling short hairstyles, the possibilities are virtually endless. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Short hair is also one of the best styles for colored hair. Many celebrities are dying their hair interesting and extravagant colors, and both teenagers and adults are embracing this trend. Anytime you walk down the street you are sure to see a multitude of reds, blues, and purples perched atop heads.

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